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The project

Egyedi Duna-parti elhelyezkedés

Outstanding location on the river bank

Outstanding location on the river bank We are developing an apartment building with 49 apartments in a more than 1 ha, breathtaking area. Why did we choose this location? We think that in an accelerated world, it is essential to have a quiet place where you can truly replenish your energies. Where you are happy to come home to, and where, in the morning, you can energetically, cheerfully leave to work or school from. This is the gift of being in nature, being close to water. You would consider yourself lucky to live here.

Kivételesen nagy kertek

Exquisitely large gardens

A more than 8000 square meter, lavishly grown garden park makes this property truly stand out. Our expert garden designer handles the park with special care. The entire development area exceeds 11000 square meters. Ground floor apartment owners can enjoy nature in extremely large gardens. They have exclusive use of garden areas ranging from 50 to 200 square meters.


Unique panoramic view

Above the ground floor, properties feature widely functional terraces with depths ranging from 1.8 to 2 meters, complete with a panoramic view. From one side, your eyes can rest on the serene view of the River Danube, while in the other direction, the hills of Buda provide a vista. The majority of the apartments are oriented to include the scenery. This also results in a flood of light entering the living spaces as most of them have eastern, southern and western exposures.

Változatos apartmanméretek

A variety of apartment sizes

We are developing two buildings with 25 and 24 apartments, respectively, with an extremely wide range of sizes. Our coziest home is 50 m2, while the most spacious is our 122 m2 penthouse apartment with an enormous terrace and a panoramic view of the River Danube. Combining two adjoining apartments will give you even more generous living spaces. All our apartments are characterized by a carefully considered, exquisite floor plan, making them highly functional. An elevator connects the garage to the apartment floors.

A csend és a nyugalom sziegete

An island of peace and calm

The sounds of nature, the murmur of the river, the chatting of birds will ease the mind, giving you true relaxation every day of the week. Feel free to do sports on the outdoor track of the complex, or visit nearby gyms and yoga studios. You can always jog or run in the alley, which is just a few steps away.

Értékálló befektetés

An investment with stable value

The key value of a property is location. In beautiful riverside surroundings but only 15 minutes from the city center – our location is unrivaled in terms of transport and infrastructure. The architectural value and quality is guaranteed by a committed contractor and a highly reliable development team. Our customers can count on these properties to retain their value and generate return on their investments.


Hosszú évekkel ezelőtt, egészen pontosan 2007-ben megvásároltuk ezt a gyönyörű, több mint egyhektáros területet a Római-parton. Idén ősszel megkezdődtek a lakópart építkezésének munkálatai, és lassan a föld felszíne felett is láthatóvá válik az ingatlan. Már most is érdemes bejárni a lakópart építési területét. Jól látható, hogy az épületek szellősen távol vannak egymástól, valamint az is, hogy az utcafronti apartman mélyen a Római-part szívében, kellemesen távol helyezkedik el a Királyok útjától.


Apartments full of joy

Apartmanjaink a Római parton

Ideal setting

Gas station








Public pool


Hit the Riverbank

A multitude of sports options

The alley on the riverbank is suitable for cycling or jogging, leading all the way to the town of Szentendre. There are several boathouses with kayak or canoe options. Gyms and yoga studios are only a few minutes away – perfect for an active lifestyle.

Kikapcsolódás a Római parton

Culinary experience – La Dolce Vita

On warm summer nights, you can sip your cool drink in cozy venues under the shade of ancient trees. You can get lost in the hustle and bustle of social fun.

Nyüzsgő élet a Római parton

Meet up with nature

The light shimmering on the smoothly flowing river tempts you for a walk. You can’t resist. You put on your shoes, step out of your home, and you’re surrounded by nature. You let all your worries go, and you’re already relaxed.

Idillikus környezet a Római parton

An investment that generates value

Waterside properties are constantly in the focus of investors. It is easy to see why these living spaces are sold first: living by rivers, lakes and seas has always been a privilege. Who wouldn’t like to feel like they’re on holiday all year round? These properties are always in high demand on the renters’ market.

Értékteremtő befektetés a Rómain

Engineering details

Construction started in early September. Below you can find a detailed description of the structural design of the buildings, as well as the engineering and electrical solutions used in the apartments. Key engineering specifications are also included.

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Smart Home

The breathtaking natural environment is not the only thing that makes the newly-built apartments of Római Lakópart special. Pre-installed smart home solutions – smart wall sockets, remotely controlled heating, lights switchable from your smart phone – offer a new dimension of comfort,safety and energy-efficiency to all residents.'; $language['internal']='Internal design plan

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Design plan

Eladó lakások belső látványterve


Dunai környezet a Római parton

Who are we?

Római Lakópart is an investment of Westbay Group, a well-capitalized Hungarian-owned company with decades of investment background; in close cooperation with Market Építő Zrt., Hungary’s leading building construction company.

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